Concerning the screen-shot beyond the text:

In Recognition of Excellence!


There are lots of reasonable people in Germany who are very grateful about Your doing to make the journalistic whore BEATE LAKOTTA a public example on her Google-Page #1 !

She had written an awfully demagogic article in a mighty German magacine called "DER SPIEGEL" to defame a victim of German-Stateīs crimes and to cover a really diabolic crime of German State - You may find about that in English articles, too, searching for GUSTL MOLLATH.

Be sure, that a lot of German critics are very delighted about Your excellent doing in that affair!

Well, of course it is a great happening at any time if You kick away satanic internet-fighters in the search-engines, but this time it is really very important:

We have to punish diabolic journalists to prevent demagogic journalism in the next time - cause there will be some very important fights in German public.

No one should think that doing crimes for us to see couldnīt get punished! No one in this world!

Thank You all very much! I am very proud to fight alongside with the best and most powerful free Internet-Force, with all of You!

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka, German Anarchist